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What makes us write this blog is the stories of folks who are completely non-eligible to apply for any permanent residency program but ended up starting the immigration process based on the wrong advisory of migration agents & sooner got the rejection.

It is painful for us to hear from non-eligible candidates that they applied for Canadian Permanent Residency Program, by entrusting on the words of migration agent that he /she qualifies to apply. We strongly condemn those migration agents and hereby taking the stand by spreading the awareness with some of the real scenarios we heard from applicants who were trapped or about to be trapped and got saved by us finally


Mr. Aneesh worked as Accountant & holds & Master degree in Management. He was glad to receive a call from Migration agent that he qualifies to apply for Australian Skilled Migration Program under the nominated occupation as Accountant. The sad part is, Mr. Aneesh haven’t studied 8 mandatory subjects in his Bachelor & Master Degree Program, which is the core requirement to apply as Accountant & it’s non-negotiable. In spite of that the Migration Agent have applied for Skill Assessment & the result is certainly Negative, the applicant isn’t meeting the basic criteria to apply for Skill Assessment

The Question is – Why did the agent applied & accepted the client application when the applicant isn’t meeting the basic requirement? Agreed, no agent can guarantee the positive skill assessment but utmost due diligence can be done to satisfy the most basic requirement and the case can be made stronger with the information & the way your documents are presented to the authorities.

Scenario – 2

Ms. Christine is a Retail Sales Person at a Garment Store. She took the free counselling from the migration agent & was happy to hear that she qualifies for Canadian Migration Program via express entry, she had prepared the funds to pay the agent fees & It may be bound to happen that she called Skill Select to recheck her eligibility before she makes the payment, we felt good to save her from the false promise because Retail Sales Person is the occupation under Skill Level C, who can not apply under express entry program, the only possible way for them is to get the provincial nomination.

Scenario –  3

Ms. Lisa is a teacher assistant in a primary school and pursuing an additional diploma course in teaching in UAE which is affiliated with UK university. She had undergone through the free counseling with migration agent and convinced with the agent and paid to apply for skilled worker program under the occupation teaching assistant. It was heartbreaking for her to hear that the applicants who are teaching assistant are only eligible to apply if they work in a university, college or post-secondary institutes. It’s very clear that teacher assistants who work in kindergarten, primary and secondary school do not qualify to apply for skilled worker program.

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