Saskatchewan invited 769 applicants after recent major changes in the program in the past week

The province of Saskatchewan targets International skilled workers in this stream & issues the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the nomination This stream is for both types of applicants who are already in Express entry pool or those who do not qualify in Express entry, but they can apply to the province of Saskatchewan (if eligible) in a hope to get the Nomination letter.

The aspiring applicants are required to meet 60 points in its unique points system to be eligible to apply under this program and participate in a regular round of selection conducted by the province of Saskatchewan. The selected applicants are issued the ITA (Invitation to apply) & gets 60 days to apply for the nomination and may receive the result with the Provincial Nomination letter which can be useful, either to submit the permanent residency application in non-express entry stream or to claim 600 points in the express entry system.

The program has changed significantly. Formerly, the province has the list of occupation in demand limited to few 10’s and after the recent changes – Province has released the list of ineligible occupations & all the occupations which do not fall under the ineligible list are now eligible & qualifies to apply to Saskatchewan, which makes the room open for more than 200 occupations to apply.

The province of Saskatchewan is equally promising for applicants with high age.

Hypothetical example: Mr John is 45 years old, Master degree holder, holds 10 years of continuous work experience and has obtained the following score in IELTS – L- 7.5, R- 6.5, S- 6.5, W- 6.5. The marital status of Mr John will not affect eligibility in any way.

The score obtained in Saskatchewan: Mr John can score 68 points out of 70 under Factor 1 ( Labour market success), if the age of Mr John is considered as 34 then Mr John could score 70 out of 70 points under Factor 1. The maximum points under Factor 2 are 30 points & for only applicants who have connections to the province of Saskatchewan through a relative, past study or education.

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