Saskatchewan invited 769 applicants after recent major changes in the program in the past week

The province of Saskatchewan targets International skilled workers in this stream & issues the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the nomination This stream is for both types of applicants who are already in Express entry pool or those who do not qualify in Express entry, but they can apply to the province of Saskatchewan (if eligible) in a hope to get the Nomination letter.

The aspiring applicants are required to meet 60 points in its unique points system to be eligible to apply under this program and participate in a regular round of selection conducted by the province of Saskatchewan. The selected applicants are issued the ITA (Invitation to apply) & gets 60 days to apply for the nomination and may receive the result with the Provincial Nomination letter which can be useful, either to submit the permanent residency application in non-express entry stream or to claim 600 points in the express entry system.

The program has changed significantly. Formerly, the province has the list of occupation in demand limited to few 10’s and after the recent changes – Province has released the list of ineligible occupations & all the occupations which do not fall under the ineligible list are now eligible & qualifies to apply to Saskatchewan, which makes the room open for more than 200 occupations to apply.

The province of Saskatchewan is equally promising for applicants with high age.

Hypothetical example: Mr John is 45 years old, Master degree holder, holds 10 years of continuous work experience and has obtained the following score in IELTS – L- 7.5, R- 6.5, S- 6.5, W- 6.5. The marital status of Mr John will not affect eligibility in any way.

The score obtained in Saskatchewan: Mr John can score 68 points out of 70 under Factor 1 ( Labour market success), if the age of Mr John is considered as 34 then Mr John could score 70 out of 70 points under Factor 1. The maximum points under Factor 2 are 30 points & for only applicants who have connections to the province of Saskatchewan through a relative, past study or education.

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Nova Scotia Labour Market stream issued 204 letter of interest ( Notification of Interest)


The province of Nova scotia had selected the prospective applicants from the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The stream was designed to select the applicants as per the requirement of the Labour market. The province can apply any specific criteria at the time of selecting applicants & issue the letter of interest to submit the complete application for provincial nomination. Upon receiving the Notification of interest (or Letter of Interest) from the province, the applicants get 30 duration to submit a complete application with all the required documents for the review by the provincial program. The applicant may receive the result with the Provincial Nomination letter which supports boosting the CRS score by 600 points & place the applicant in the front line to be selected by the Federal government to apply for a Permanent residency visa.

The most recent round of draw was on Sep 4 with the following selection criteria –

Candidates must –

  1. Have selected French as their First official language & scored CLB level 8 in all four abilities of French language exam. The approved language exams are TCF Canada, TEF Canada.
  2. Have scored CLB level 5 in one of the approved English language exams – IELTS or CELPIP.
  3. Hold a Bachelor’s degree or hold any other credential which is completed with three or more years in college.
  4. Must have application in Federal Skilled Worker Program.

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Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot Program

The New Canada immigration Program: Rural & Northern Immigration pilot is progressing towards implementation before the end of the year 2019.

The program was initially unveiled in Jan 2019, and smaller towns/communities in the selected provinces of Canada were invited to take part based on the requirements set out by the IRCC (Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada)

The communities approved in the new pilot program are as follows –


  • North Bay
  • Sudbury
  • Timmins
  • Sault St. Marie
  • Thunder Bay


  • Brandon
  • Rhineland/Plum Coulee /Gretna/Altona


  • Moose Jaw


  • Claresholm

British Columbia

  • Vernon
  • West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson)

In this program, the employers based in the above-mentioned communities will be able to recruit applicants internationally with the help of community heads. Those applicants who get the job offer from the employer will be able to apply to the community for the endorsement letter ( support letter) to apply for the permanent residency in Canada and the applicant will also get the work permit support letter to apply for the worker visa while the PR application is being processed to facilitate the early joining of work by the applicant, if required by the employer. It is similar to the model of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program which is currently applicable to only 4 provinces which are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador.

The more details about the program- any specific requirement of IRCC towards the applicant/employer is expected to release by end of the year 2019 and the program is expected to go live at the same time.

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Skill Select – Recent news & changes to Australian Skilled Migration Program


Change in eligibility points requirement

The minimum points required to qualify under Skilled Migration program is now 65 points, which was 60 points earlier, effective July 1, 2018


Rounds of Invitations

The Invitation round is expected to run once every month, which is expected to be on the 11thday of each month


The new region under 489 New South Wales program

The 8thregion, Central West will start accepting applications from Aug 20, 2018, onwards. This is for a Regional provisional visa, which is 4 years provisional visa for skilled workers nominated by state & territory


List of occupations

MLTSSL – Medium & Long-term strategic skills list– The list is relevant to persons who are issued an Invitation to apply for a subclass 189 (skilled independent visa), subclass 489 (skilled regional provisional not nominated by state & territory- Sponsorship by relative), subclass 190 (skilled nominated visa) or subclass 490 (skilled regional provisional, nominated by state or territory)


STSOL – Short-term skilled occupation list– The list is relevant to persons who have issued an Invitation to apply for subclass 190 or subclass 489 (nominated by state or territory)


ROL – Regional occupation list– The list is relevant to persons who are nominated by state or territory, relevant to only subclass 489 (nominated by state or territory)



















My Express Entry Experience

I wanted to write this blog for our readers who visit our website or they are connected on our social platform.

Applicants who are planning to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada through

  • Express Entry System

This blog would serve as a guide about the process that what the process includes, what to expect during your processing and what you should avoid after applying.

This express entry is basically a three step process

  1. You first submit an express entry profile – Pre Application
  2. Pre Invitation to Apply
  3. Post Invitation to Apply.

Coming to our first point that is Pre Application: At this phase when we check if applicant is eligible to apply, We calculate points on base of 67 eligible criteria Out of 100 points, anyhow you may contact any of our team member for your free points evaluation anytime but make sure your education & IELTS evaluation is calculated on our Assumption as per the requirement & it is verified once education evaluation is positive and IELTS results is ready.

Profile is created only once you are having education & IELTS report.

Interestingly second stage is what attracts all of us: Pre Invitation to Apply

In this phase we created an online profile and we are waiting to get Invitation to Apply that’s why we call it in short (ITA). I call it waiting phase because you are waiting to get invitation by the govt.

Who are getting invitation?

How many months it takes?

Am I eligible for provincial Nomination?

If you are having same questions right now, we suggest applicants for the free session at our office as right now there are too many links available online which leads to confusion.

Coming back to pre-Invitation: I suggest you to start collecting all of your documents like :

  • Police Clearance Certificate: I call it PCC in short, Pcc is required from the current residence of the applicant and other countries where you have stayed for more than 6 months.
  • Reference letters by employers
  • Proof of funds

Post Invitation to Apply: This phase is very important and this is where your application is either accepted or rejected .We get 60 days to file a complete application where all your documents are attached electronically. It includes following points:

  • Medical Examination- The medical test is to ensure that you or your dependents do not have any contagious diseases & you will not be a burden to the Canadian healthcare system initially. Kindly note that this medical test must be performed by a doctor who is a CIC designated panel physician. Pregnant applicants can choose to complete their medical exam after the baby is born (since chest X-ray is a part of the tests) else they can choose to go ahead with the Medical test by wearing a lead apron. After completion of tests, you will get an upfront medical form and then we need to upload this form along with the other documents on the checklist. (Medical test validity is 1 year normally)
  • Passport Travel documents.


I hope I am able to clear few of the doubts and you are most welcome to know more as I am going to re-write more blogs with new updates.

I am reachable at