My CRS score is below 350, How to increase CRS score in Express Entry application

Change in eligibility points requirement AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) started sending NOI (Notification of Interest) to the prospective applicants through AINP (Express Entry Linked stream) in 2019.

On March 5, 2019, the program has sent the NOI’s to our few clients. The total no of applicants Notified by AINP is yet to publish.

The applicants who received the NOI may probably submit the application to AINP for nomination. The AINP will then review the applications submitted & may nominate the applicant by providing Nomination letter.

The Nominated applicant will get 600 CRS points in the express entry which may put the applicant in the forefront to receive the ITA (Invitation letter) to apply for permanent residency.

Qualifying Criteria

• Must be applied in Express entry in Federal Skilled Worker Program.
• CRS score of 301 plus
• The occupation must not be in Non-eligible list, if your occupation falls in the non-eligible list, this will reduce the chances of receiving NOI by AINP.

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