Student Visa Services for Sep 2016 & Jan 2017 Intake.

Are you planning to Study Abroad?

I will guide you about studying internationally for good reasons. Follow the steps to start with SkillSelect Team.

Globalize Yourself

While studying abroad you will be given the opportunity to further your academics or continue your education in a foreign country. There are multiple programs and universities to choose from. SkillSelect Team always give a detail session to a student accompanying parents to know and understand your reason to move internationally for education.

Professional Growth

World seems small when we are restricted to the city since long but International travel can relieve you of this, You will surely learn how your home country fits into humanity and through eyes of a different culture, while learning another country’s traditions you will understand the significance of keeping your own traditions alive while sharing them with your friends .Most of the countries allows you to travel around being host, if you get a chance take advantage of it and  experience unforgettable sights that may help you see the world through a new set of eyes.

Take the Challenge

No matter where you end up, you will be likely out of your comfort zone as you face obstacles like homesickness and simply living in a new, unfamiliar place. These may seem like small feats now, but in retrospect you’ll be proud of the accomplishments you have overcome. You’ll most likely return home a wiser individual and ready to face any future challenges head on. (Don’t forget to work hard to achieve future goals


Make your Career Bright with Student visa for International education.

  • Get enrolled with one of the best Universities and colleges.
  • Get Visa for two to three years and extension of visa after completion of your studies.
  • Get Guideline to apply permanent Residence
  • Get guidance on working hours under student visa
  •  Get full guidance to proceed admissions with successful visa for the desired Country


Excited by the idea of studying internationally follow the steps & Contact us.

  • Selecting a destination.
  • Choosing a program.
  • Financial Information.
  • Pre Departure preparations.

We can help you with this and anything else regarding your move to Abroad.
To start your tailored and confidential consultation for admissions for following countries contact or write to me:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • UK
  • U.S.A
  • New Zealand
  • Germany