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What makes us write this blog is the stories of folks who are completely non-eligible to apply for any permanent residency program but ended up starting the immigration process based on the wrong advisory of migration agents & sooner got the rejection.

It is painful for us to hear from non-eligible candidates that they applied for Canadian Permanent Residency Program, by entrusting on the words of migration agent that he /she qualifies to apply. We strongly condemn those migration agents and hereby taking the stand by spreading the awareness with some of the real scenarios we heard from applicants who were trapped or about to be trapped and got saved by us finally


Mr. Aneesh worked as Accountant & holds & Master degree in Management. He was glad to receive a call from Migration agent that he qualifies to apply for Australian Skilled Migration Program under the nominated occupation as Accountant. The sad part is, Mr. Aneesh haven’t studied 8 mandatory subjects in his Bachelor & Master Degree Program, which is the core requirement to apply as Accountant & it’s non-negotiable. In spite of that the Migration Agent have applied for Skill Assessment & the result is certainly Negative, the applicant isn’t meeting the basic criteria to apply for Skill Assessment

The Question is – Why did the agent applied & accepted the client application when the applicant isn’t meeting the basic requirement? Agreed, no agent can guarantee the positive skill assessment but utmost due diligence can be done to satisfy the most basic requirement and the case can be made stronger with the information & the way your documents are presented to the authorities.

Scenario – 2

Ms. Christine is a Retail Sales Person at a Garment Store. She took the free counselling from the migration agent & was happy to hear that she qualifies for Canadian Migration Program via express entry, she had prepared the funds to pay the agent fees & It may be bound to happen that she called Skill Select to recheck her eligibility before she makes the payment, we felt good to save her from the false promise because Retail Sales Person is the occupation under Skill Level C, who can not apply under express entry program, the only possible way for them is to get the provincial nomination.

Scenario –  3

Ms. Lisa is a teacher assistant in a primary school and pursuing an additional diploma course in teaching in UAE which is affiliated with UK university. She had undergone through the free counseling with migration agent and convinced with the agent and paid to apply for skilled worker program under the occupation teaching assistant. It was heartbreaking for her to hear that the applicants who are teaching assistant are only eligible to apply if they work in a university, college or post-secondary institutes. It’s very clear that teacher assistants who work in kindergarten, primary and secondary school do not qualify to apply for skilled worker program.

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The Success story of Skill Select Immigration Services “Mr Vidhun is happy & celebrating his upcoming life in New Zealand”

I was very much concerned about accuracy of my Ielts.

Hello ?My Name is Megha and I am sharing my (IELTS) examination experience. I believe my experience might help someone who is planning to appear for exam.

I appeared for my IELTS exam on 19th November, 2016 through IDP. After preparing for about a month, I finally decided to take the test.I used the material provided to me by SkillSelect, it had practice papers from the past 5 years which gave me an idea of how the pattern is. It was the best source of information.

For Listening — Practice as much as you can. Whenever you get any questions wrong, go back and listen that part again or read the manuscript available. This helps you to avoid mistakes in future. Mark questions/underline only on the basis of what you listen.

On the exam, I made a few mistakes in the first section and lost concentration in the middle of second section. This might have got me a few questions wrong. Though I still managed to score 7.5.

For Reading – Again practice is the key to success. Don’t analyse too much while practising, especially the first two sections. Infer very little. Try to complete all the first two passages in 30 minutes and spend more time on the last section as it is quite lengthy and tricky at times. During the practice sessions, emphasize on accuracy first, then improve on the timings.

For Writing – It has two parts and the second part has more weight (40 minutes allotted) than the first part (20 minutes). Keep it original and avoid repetition of words. You must paraphrase the question and try to stick to the topic. Make sure to provide an introduction, body and discussion and lastly, conclusion. I’ve got 7.5 here.

For Speaking – The best way to practice this section is to switch on the timer and record your answer responses to the questions from the IELTS book. Check for the timing as it is very crucial. Moreover, avoid grammatical mistakes while speaking and avoid stammering if possible. Speak slowly as it gives you enough time to frame sentences and think about ideas in your head. I scored 7.5 here.

My target score was 8 is reading and at least a 7 band in other sections.  When I saw my result, 7.5 overall, I was very excited. Reading band disappointed me as I was expecting a 7 or 7.5 after practising so much in this section. I decided to retake the test and improve my scores.

I took my test again on February 11, 2017 and scored the following

  • Listening 8.00
  • Reading  9.00
  • Speaking 7.50
  • Writing 7.00

The most significant thing everyone has to bear in mind is that websites- and has heaps of truly useful knowledge and experiences shared by IELTS-takers. Thereby, you have to utilize this site wisely. I thoroughly followed it along with the practice material provided by SkillSelect.

I would recommend Skill Select to everyone, for being so honest and unambiguous through out the process and helping me attain the best scores possible.

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Are you eligible for Australia Immigration ?

Applicants whose occupation is listed in SOL (Skilled Occupation List) may eligible to apply for below visa category.

  • Skilled Independent Visa (Sub Class 189) – This is 5 years’ visa comes with the Permanent Residency Status. Applicant must stay in Australia for 2 years to be eligible for renewal of this visa for another 5 years & Applicant must stay in Australia for 4 years consecutively to be eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Sub Class 190) – This is 5 years’ visa which gives Permanent residency status. Applicant must stay in the state which nominates the applicant for the minimum period of 2 years to be eligible for renewal of visa and applicant must stay for 4 consecutive years in Australia to be eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional Visa) (subclass 489) – This is Provisional Visa for 4 years , Applicant must work & live in the state which nominated the applicant for the minimum of 2 years to be eligible to convert the status into Permanent Resident Visa status Via Sub Class- 887

Applicants whose occupation is listed in CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List) for State Nomination may eligible to apply for below visas.

  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Sub Class 190)
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional Visa) (subclass 489)

Why do we need to apply for Sub class 190 or Sub class 489 ? when your occupation is in the SOL list and you can apply for the most preferred visa option – subclass 189.

The answer to above is, if the applicant isn’t meeting 60 points to be eligible for Australian Migration then state nomination awards additional points which are 5 & 10 points for subclass 190 & subclass 489 respectively. State is awarding the points so you can make 60 points & be eligible to apply for Australian Migration. In return, the particular state would want the applicant to live & work in that particular state for minimum of 2 years to contribute to their economy. After completing 2 years’ period – applicant can relocate to anywhere in Australia & gets eligible for the renewal of Visa. However state expects the long term commitment from the applicant to reside in the area.

The Crux is, applicants occupations under SOL list may target for Skilled Independent Visa (subclass-189) & also the state nomination at the same time to widen the selection probability.

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How to Become Canadian Permanent Resident in 6-12 Months under Express Entry Program


What is Express Entry?

Canada has a fast-track system for immigration called Express Entry

Express Entry is a system to manage applications of Permanent Residency, it’s the first step to apply under Federal Skilled Worker program,

All the applicants under Express Entry will be ranked by Canadian Immigration Council under several factors which includes

  1. Your Education
  2. Age
  3. No of Years of work experience
  4. Language Skills
  5. Combination of Education and Language proficiency
  6. Combination of Work Experience & Language Proficiency
  7. Job Offer from Canadian Employer
  8. The last & Very-Important – Provincial Nomination


Factors plays a major role in Getting Invitation from CIC (Canadian Immigration Council) for Permanent Residency


  • Provincial Nominee Program – Canada is a land of Provinces, The Provinces in Canada have a separate Quota to nominate the Candidates from Express entry pool, or to accept applications directly even if someone is not eligible for express entry pool. Most Often Provinces are selecting the applicants especially for the occupation which are in current demand in there Province. Most often Provincial Nominee Programs aren’t open all the time to accept applications but they are accepting the applications on intervals & gets open to apply for Provincial Nomination for a very short duration, some time for few hours or few days & gets closed as soon as the no of application threshold reaches its ceiling. The list of major provinces are Nova Scotia , Saskatchewan , Manitoba & Ontario. The applicants who are getting selected by Provinces, are getting Invitation to apply for Permanent Residency from CIC
  • Job Offer – The job offer from Canadian Employer can award some extra 50 points for most of the occupations & extra 200 points for a few limited occupations of Senior Managerial Level which can boost your chances of selection.
  • How you present your initial application plays a major role in obtaining the ranking, which includes claiming all your work-experience by categorising it to correct Occupational Code, claiming points for both Language Proficiency (English & French) & especially to the same Canadian Language Benchmark which are required under Federal Skilled Worker Program or Provincial Nomination.
  • Each Province brings several advantages for applicants & comes up with its own unique criteria of selecting candidates. Some prefer French Speaking Class, Some prefer the applicants who have their friends or distant relative living in particular province, some are looking for only applicants whose occupation matches with the occupation in current demand in particular province.


Route to Canadian Citizenship and it’s benefits

It’s all upon you to decide whether it’s tough or easy to obtain citizenship, below are few mandatory requirements


  • Applicant must stay in Canada for minimum of 4 years out of 6 years as PR holder. Must not be outside Canada for more than 183 days in any single year.
  • Must stay on your good behaviour
  • Know a thing or two about the country you’ll soon call home – like Flag Color , Basic French Proficiency etc.
  • Free Healthcare for Family
  • Free Education for Children’s


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